One Step Trust

A Delaware Statutory Trust

Mission Statement:

The name, 'One Step' comes from the concept that we can assist one another and improve our world, one step at a time. One Step Trust is determined to make a difference in our world, one step at a time. One Step Trust was formed and operates to serve charitable purposes, to support worthy humanitarian purposes and goals, primarily in the United States. One Step Trust focuses on the assistance of children of our fallen servicemen and servicewomen, from all of the uniformed services, both military and domestic. Among other purposes, One Step Trust supports educational grants for those who can demonstrate the need and dedication to pursue their education, and medical grants for those with unmet medical needs.

Charitable Status:

One Step Trust is not regulated by our government in Washington D.C. and it is therefore not a tax exempt organization under the law. Donations to One Step Trust are currently not tax deductible, they are gifts from our hearts to those that both need and deserve a helping hand. One Step Trust chooses not to undergo the oversight and governmental regulations associated with becoming an officially recognized charitable organization for tax law purposes. Donations to One Step Trust are viewed as a gift to One Step Trust's beneficiaries. You should consult your tax professional for any questions that you might have in these topics.


One Step Trust operates two primary global funds, to which persons and organizations may donate: the 5 Year Fund; and the Permanent Fund. Donations to the 5 Year Fund will be held for a period of 5 years, and then disbursed entirely to a needy person or organization in accordance with the One Step Trust Mission Statement. The One Step Trust will utilize any income from the 5 Year Fund to support the operational costs of One Step Trust, and disburses 100% of the donated amount to the target donee. The Permanent fund is an endowment fund, which is designed to generate income to flow to donees each year into perpetuity. In addition to the global funds, One Step Trust may be asked from time to time to oversee the operation of limited use special fundraisers. In such cases, the fundraiser funds are managed separately from the global funds, and targeted to their specific intended beneficiaries' net of any approved fundraiser expenses. One such special purpose fund is the Emily's Fight Fund.

Trustees and Contact Information:

The address of the Trust is: 800 Shallcross Lake Road, Middletown, DE, 19709. The current Trustee is Larry D. Sullivan. Larry may be reached at (302) 286-6336 and